NNPC set up the first indigenous seismic acquisition crew (Party X) in 1978. Following the success of Party X, a second crew (Party Y) was set up in 1984. The first indigenous Data Processing Centre (DPC) was establised in 1984 .

 In 1986 National Hydrocarbon Reserve Evaluation Centre (NHREC) was set up and merged with DPC. The Impressive performance of the two seismic crews, DPC and NHREC prompted the merger of all these units into IDSL during the 1988 commercialization in NNPC.

IDSL was established in 1988 as a business unit of NNPC with a focus on seismic data acquisition/processing and reservoir engineering services. Also in 1988, IDSL won the first international seismic data acquisition contract in Ghana. The Ghana contract was successfully executed within schedule.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Commitment:

IDSL is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility to its host communities. The company gives back to the communities in recognition and appreciation for their maintenance of conducive work environment for its operations.

IDSL's Corporate Social Responsibility are aimed at:

  • Establishing good Community Affairs and Public Relations.
  • Respecting the cultural norms of the local community.
  • Establishing cordial relationship and liason with relevant agencies in our areas of operations.
  • Maximizing the potentials of indigenous workers and contractors in its operations
  • Works with both government and stakeholders where we operate in line with developed regulations and standards that improve the safety and health of the people and the environment.

Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Commitment:

IDSL is committed to protecting the Health, Safety and Environment of everybody who plays a part in all its operations and the lives in the community in which we operate.

We conduct our business with respect and care for both local and global environment and systematically manage risk to drive sustainable business growth.
We are committed to eliminate injuries, occupational illnesses, unsafe practices and incidents of environmental harm from our activities.

Our Brand

Strategic Partnership

IDSL has been in Joint Venture partnerships with companies in the oil and gas industry. The partnerships have added to the company's commercial edge and stood it out as a company of repute in the Oil andGas industry. The Joint Ventures include:.

  • United Geophysical Nigeria Limited (UGNL)JV Land/ Swamp Seismic Data Acquisition .
  • Western Geco alliance for Seismic Data Processing.
  • Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting/ Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (BGP/CNPC) for Land and Marine Seismic Data Acquisition .
  • Schlumberger alliance for Reservoir Management Studies.
  • Landmark JV for National Data Repository (NDR).