COO UPSTREAM, Rabiu Bello urges staff to focus on more achievement in next Business Year
The Chief Operating Officer, Upstream, of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Mallam Rabiu Bello has urged staff of Integrated Data Services (IDSL) to focus on achieving more Business feats in the near future.

He made the statement at his maiden visit to the subsidiary recently, against the backdrop of record achievements realised by the company within the 1st and 2nd quarters 2017.

In his words: ‘’ I think what I have seen so far gladdens my heart, and after hearing from the Managing Director that you have almost achieved what you want to achieve by 2019, that means you have the best current performance in the NNPC ... I am so glad to hear that, as what we have achieved this year (and) I’m proud of you guys’’.

The COO also said it was extremely important for IDSL to know where it is coming from and to show where it intends intend to go and to be.

He noted that his visit was premeditated on the need to commiserate with the company over the recent attacks by the terrorist Boko Haram sect on members of IDSL crew at the Chad Basin.

Part of the agenda of the visit was also to share with the Management and staff on what should be done to attract productivity and to actually see for himself the level of on-going structural upgrade of the office complex.  

He mandated the Management of IDSL to ensure that the project runs as efficiently as possible and at the least possible best cost.

‘’We must begin to look forward to a situation where we will be in a position to be respected by the public”, the COO added, and advised staff to exhibit high levels of integrity, honesty and loyalty in the discharge of their duties.

The then Managing Director, IDSL, Mr. Roland Ewubare said the Management team worked very hard to bring IDSL to where it was.  

‘’We have achieved more in the past seven (7) months than in the history of IDSL. If you look well, you will see that we have had more money in the past 7 months than we had at any point in the history of IDSL. That is what our story under your leadership has been all about’’, he told the COO.

Mr. Ewubare highlighted the fact that IDSL was a center to generate revenue and ensure dividends to the upstream stakeholders (NNPC) and the Nigerian people.

He further noted that the reason for Management’s embarking on a structural face-lift of IDSL’s office buildings was borne out of the need to raise the company’s outlook and standard as an international oil and gas exploration company.

He thanked the COO and pledged that the new office structure will be world-class.

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