In consonance with the promise made by the Managing Director of the Integrated Data Services Limited, Engr. Diepiriye Tariah, upon his assumption of office, to explore and upgrade the operations and services of the Reservoir Engineering Services Department, the Department recently commenced a unique study on Associated Gas Solution, for operators of the OML 30 Asset, Heritage Energy Operational Services Limited (HEOSL).

The Associated Gas Solution Studies which is already in top gear in the Department is an exceptional project and the first of its kind to be carried out within the Nigerian indigenous oil servicing industry, as a lot of specialized skills on in-depth Reservoir Engineering, and dynamic simulations is required to execute the project. 

The objective of the studies is to analyze and recommend potentially viable solutions to produce associated gas within the asset, while improving the oil production, and make the gas available to the market in commercial quantity, in line with the Nigeria gas master plan, with the ultimate goal of the stoppage of gas flaring.

Associated Petroleum Gas (APG), or Associated Gas, is a form of natural gas which is found with deposits of petroleum, either dissolved in the oil or as a free "gas cap" above the oil in the reservoir. Historically, this type of gas was released as a waste product from the petroleum extraction industry. It may be a stranded gas reserve due to the remote location of the oil field, either at sea or on land, this gas is simply burnt off in gas flares. When this occurs the gas is referred to as flare gas.

However, with increasing focus on sustainable development, flaring is no longer an option; hence the study is expected to proffer solutions that are expected to eliminate the wastage of gas and the negative impact of gas flaring to the environment.

The gas can be utilized in a number of ways after processing: sold and included in the natural gas distribution networks, used for on-site electricity generation with engines or turbines, reinjected for enhanced oil recovery, converted from gas to liquids producing synthetic fuels or used as feedstock for the petrochemical industry.

The Associated Gas Solution Study Project commenced in January, 2018, with a kick-off meeting in Lagos.  Notwithstanding the project’s data gathering challenges faced by the IDSL dogged and competent study team, at the earlier stage, the project is expected to be completed on or before February, 2019.

Other cutting edge projects been carried out by the Department include:

·         OML 26 Field Development Plan (FDP) for First Hydrocarbon Nigeria Limited (FHN) and Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) AMT

·         OML 26 Dewatering Studies for First Hydrocarbon Nigeria Limited (FHN) and Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) AMT

·         Sokoto and Bida inland Basinal Studies for Frontier Exploration Service (FES).

The Reservoir Engineering Services Department of IDSL with its multi-disciplinary team offers fully integrated services in Reservoir Management to the oil and gas industry, ranging from Petrophysical, Geological, Geophysical, Reservoir Engineering, Well Engineering, Production Technology, Facilities Engineering and Economic Evaluation services.

As part of its prospects, RESD with its team of professionals, proven track records and expertise aspire for more opportunities, to grow and be the service provider of choice for both National and International Companies within and beyond the West Africa Sub-Region.

Edna Moru

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