Data Acquisition Department (DAD)


About Data Aquisition

Data Acquisition Department was established to undertake Seismic Data acquisition for the Exploration, Production and Mining industries. The Department has acquired seismic data in numerous fields across Nigeria's Niger-Delta Coastline and in the West African sub-region. Data Aquisition Department is located in IDSL’s Benin Head Office in Edo State with Seismic Field Offices currently in Imota (Lagos State), Elele (Rivers State), Maiduguri (Bornu State), Bauchi and Gombe State (Benue Trough) for 3D-Seismic Data Aquisition with BGP-CNPC.

Our Data Acquisition seismic crews are equipped with the best state-of-the-art technology in its acquisition instrumentation with specialized expertise to carry out and ensure our client’s geological and geophysical objectives are met and also to minimize their exploration risks. IDSL assures quality Health, Safety and Environmental standards which are incorporated into our unmatched operational efficiency to maximize value for our Clients.

IDSL’s Data Acquisition Department acquires high quality seismic data on land, desert, swamp, shallow marine and deep marine environments. Data acquisition department went solely 100% without a Joint Venture partner starting with Party 01 Seismic crew in January 2010 on NPDC’s OML111-3D Seismic Data Acquisition Project with a huge success and a record Land acquisition of 900 shots in a single day at that time. Currently, the department runs two 100% indigenous crews with no Joint Venture partners. IDSL is also in partnership with BGP, a subsidiary of the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation, and is currently acquiring Seismic Data in the Chad Basin, near Maiduguri, Borno State, North-Eastern Nigeria. More so, Geokinetics, Sinopec and OceanGeo are in Partnership with IDSL in terms of Deep Marine data acquisition.