Data Storage and Management Services (DSMS)


Data Storage and Management Services

Data Storage and Management is one of the core services offered by Integrated Data Services Limited. DSMS applies a modern technical approach to data storage and management in the integration of E&P data from different oil companies into a national database in a view to conserve the limited foreign exchange earnings through local storage of data in compliance with Federal Government Directive.

Functions of IDSL Data Storage and Management:

  •  Facilitate archiving of information. 
  •  Long-term longevity and integrity of data. 
  •  Improved security of company records. 
  •  Facilitate evaluation of national oil and gas reserves. 
  •  Efficient access to vital data and enhance management decision making process. 
  •  Prevent rapid degradation of stored data. 
  •  Assets data management. 

Some of our services include:

  •  Data / Tape Archiving 
  •  Media / Data Management – Remastering, Reformatting & Treatment 
  •  Scanning 
  •  Well logs scanning and digitization 
  •  Tape Library Management 
  •  Data Transcription 
  •  Integrity Checks 
  •  Consultancy Services