Seismic Data Acquisition

  • Acquisition of seimic data on land/swamp
  • Acquisition of seismic data in shallow and deep waters and is done jointly with reputable partners
  • IDSL currently operates 100% crews.
  • IDSL also operates two crews jointly with UG(N)L and they are concurrently acquiring data for SPDC and NAOC

Seismic Data Processing

  • Processing of 2D, 3D, 4D, 2C, 4C data
  • Processing of High Resolution Data
  • Land Data Processing
  • Marine Data Processing
  • Transition Zone Processing

Reservoir Engineering Services Department

  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Reservoir simulation studies (black and compositional oil)
  • Reservoir Estimation and Field Development Plan
  • Secondary Recovery Studies (Single / Multi well studies)
  • Unitisation Studies

Data Storage and Management Services

  • Tape cartridge storage
  • Data management services
  • Transcription / scanning
  • Hard copy data storage
  • IDSL PrintShop is fully functional for all your print jobs
  • High resolution print jobs
  • Computer-aided design and processing
  • Security Printing
  • High-end image printing
  • Direct imaging
  • Production of Calenders, Magazines and Diaries
  • Colour separation