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Exploration and Reservoir Management Services

Exploration and Reservoir Management Services


ERMSD is responsible for the provision of geosciences, reservoir studies and well services to the E&P industry globally for the growth of IDSL.


ERMSD will be the center of choice for the provision of exploration and petroleum engineering services in the E&P industry.

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Petrophysics Services

Petrophysics services involve conventional and specialized formation evaluation studies.

Open and cased hole log evaluation services: This is aimed primarily at detection and evaluation of possibly productive horizon.

Thin bed Analysis: Thin Bed Analysis enables you to resolve the challenges presented by highly laminated formations.

Bypass Hydrocarbon/Oil identification : Identification of low resistivity/radioactive (high GR) pay zones, gas/oil shales and low porosity zones.

Petrofacies analysis : Facies analysis is often the first criterion in the investigation of depositional environments of sedimentary rocks .

Pore Pressure Prediction : Assessment of exploration risk factors including the migration of formation fluids and seal integrity.