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Program Introduction and MD IDSL's Keynote Address              [ 1 ]
  • IDSL's TAPE Agenda/Initiative & Plans in Leveraging Data Democratisation in its core operations
  • Way forward for the Oil & Gas Industry (Emplacement of industry-wide containment measures, revenue optimization & doing things differently)
  • The Four (4) key drivers required to achieve data democratization
  • Potentials to unlock so much from data with an estimated ROI to the tune of 600 Billion Dollars
​Presentation by the GM Operations - Oriental Energy                  [ 2 ]
Austin E Presentation.PNG
  • Benefits of data democratization, implementation constraints & realities
  • Survivability of E&Ps is dependent and tied to data availability
  • Impact of poor data to Niger Delta Oil & Gas production
  • How data can enhance productivity with illustrations, analysis & case studies
​Moderator's keynotes & comments on the presentation             [ 3 ]
by the GM Operation - Oriental Energy

Comments by Moderator.png
​Presentation by the GM JV NAPIMS (Martina Atuchi (Mrs.))         [ 4 ]

Mattina Atuchi.PNG
  • Importance of data democratization in bringing down the cost of production for E&P companies
  • The necessity of harnessing data democratization for improved revenue
  • Insight into NAPIMS's objectives and vision towards optimum productivity for IOCs and other industry players
Presentation by the Representative Head Upstream                   [ 5 ]
Monitoring &
Regulations Division - DPR (Mr. Adeyiga)
DPR Presentation.PNG
  • Regulatory & operational insights on data democratization in the DPR
  • Essentials of accessing and acquiring data from the DPR
  • Pertinent Question: What are we doing with data?
  • Clarion call for IOCs, & E&Ps to take advantage of consultations for the appropriate data from the DPR
Presentation by AbdulRhaman Miyinyawa (AR)                             [ 6 ]
(Asset Optimization Digital
& Technology Manager) - SNEPCO
SNEPCO Presentation.PNG
  • Need to build a solid framework that would facilitate seamless data collaboration between E&Ps and IOCs
  • Opportunities for cross-exchange of materials between IOCs
  • Need to reposition the industry to acquire the right competency skills to manage, develop, optimize and administer intelligent solutions that will aid the full benefits of data democratization
Presentation by the GM Exploration & Development - NPDC     [ 7 ]
(Hamza Salisu)
Presentation by NPDC.PNG
  • How to achieve the UOC's 10% per barrel target
  • Need to have data available to the industry players
  • Insight on NPDC's roadmap & achievements so far utilizing data
  • The essence of ensuring dissemination of right data to the right people
  • Leadership role and commitment towards achieving data democratization
​Questions & Answer Session                                                           [ 8 ]

  • I am yet to see how we intend to operationalize data democratization so we are intentional for the drive for the future (John O.)
  • We have data in NDR, DRP, IDSL, and also missing data from the IOC. What's the plan in place on deploying mechanisms to unify solutions to provide a continuous workflow or govt database structure that is helpful to end-users and investors for Oil 7 gas so that we can unlock this $600 Billion value that is locked in as presented by the MD-IDSL (Samson O.)
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Comprehensive closing remarks by Engr. Chike Nwosu & the MD IDSL (Engr. F. A. Bariwei)                                                          [ 9 ]
Closing Remarks.png